Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mark McNairy Saddle Shoes: Things I Want

Last weekend when I was (briefly) in Hong Kong I went on a saddle shoe mission. I ran over to I.T and tried on four or five different pairs. Of those, I really loved these tone-on-tone with white eyelets by Mark McNairy.

McNairy is everywhere right now -- his New Amsterdam line, designing for Woolrich Woolen Mills, a collaboration with Club Monaco. I am totally enamored with his footwear, and many call him the best in the business.

This pair was great because of the contrast the white eyelets and white sole provide. Totally perfect for Spring/Summer.

Ultimately I decided to wait on these because I didn't think they'd fit in my bag. So now I'm on the hunt to find them stateside, because I definitely do want them!

You can find them right now at Bows + Arrows, if you can't wait!

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