Friday, April 22, 2011

Slim Cargo Pants: Things I Have

I've had a long standing aversion to cargo pants. As worn in the past they were overly baggy, sloppy, and had so many pockets it seemed like they only meant for a wildnerness weekend.

Well, no more... while in Hong Kong recently I tried on a pair of the slim cargos that Uniqlo has been offering (and heavily promoting). They were actually almost too slim for my liking but I ended up really liking the cut and the comfort.

This week I test drove them at work, paired with a white shirt and wingtips, and have to say they looked (and felt) great! Got a lot of compliments, and am now excited to do a more casual look next time around.

Go to the Uniqlo site + check them out (they come in multiple colors, and in a women's version).

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