Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Want: APC x Supreme Jeans

I have found that my best fitting pants are from APC. There's something about the cut in the thigh and the shape of the rear that suit me. But those are mostly twill or cotton pants... I don't actually have any denim from APC.

I'm also a huge fan of Supreme and all of the fantastic collaborations they do. So what a better intro for me into APC denim than through this collab they're doing with Supreme. Love the stitching on the back...

Some of my favorite jeans are from WESC and a combination between APC x Supreme seems like it may have a similar style + fit. I am down to give it a try!

Read more about this at Men's Style (before they go away...): http://men.style.com/news/blog/2009/09/what-makes-a-pair-of-apc-jeans-different-from-a-pair-of-apc-x-supreme-jeans.html

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