Sunday, September 6, 2009

Things I Have: Wallet by Porter

With all of the fashion, design, art blogs I read there are a lot of mentions about Porter bags.  All of the collaborations they do, how functional yet cool they are, that they're from a company with a long history.  And that they are from Japan.  This is the kicker... because I have had a lot of problems finding them in the U.S.  Of course Opening Ceremony (which I LOVE) carries a few of the pieces, and I even saw Barney's pick up a few.  But not in a wide selection.

So when I was recently in Tokyo I went lookin' for some cool Porter bags.  And I found a ton.  They were great --- materials, colors, shapes + sizes.  I dragged my poor colleague all over Tokyo, but still couldn't decide on which one to get.  

Thus I did some research on where to find Porter in Hong Kong (my next stop) and dragged another colleague to the Sogo in Causeway Bay.  There I found this really great wallet.  It's compact, it's a bright blue, I love the white zipper. Done.  

Whew, that was a long story to talk about a new wallet... but I am definitely a huge fan of Porter.  Now they just need more distribution in the U.S.

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Cyclingteacherguy said...

I approve brother, very nice piece!