Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Neckwear from Orley, Givenchy, Jil Sander: Things I Have

I've been feeling a little sparse in the neckwear department and so last week headed out to do a Spring replenishment. 

My first stop was the new (and very well appointed) Carson Street Clothiers. I'd been to their Opening Night party and spotted a few amazing Orley ties. So I went back to pick up their Houndstooth Tie in Olive (below far right).

Next I headed over to Jeffrey, the store I try to avoid because there's always incredible designer picks I want. I tried on a really cool short sleeve Jil Sander sweater (more to come on that), but ended up taking home a green Givenchy Paisley print tie (far left below) and a Jil Sander Hexagon print in navy (middle). 

I also grabbed the matching pocket square for the Jil Sander print, and can't wait to wear them together for an (overly) coordinated look.

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