Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sporting Life: New Picks from Bureau of Trade

The folks over at Bureau of Trade never stop. Scouring thousands of products and creating the perfectly themed mix of vintage and new goods... Always with an exacting eye, their recent curation Japan Rising had me drooling over (obviously) cool pocket squares, vintage hantens (a type of winter coat), and locally produced bags.

Today they launch the next edit, The Sporting Life. From sailing to equestrian to gambling there is something for every fan. They gave me a sneak peek at the goods and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

As regularly evidenced by my picks here, I'm a fan of anything nautical. So the selections from The Keelboat Skipper were perfect.This Seamaster watch by Omega, with it's striped band and navy face stood out as perfect for summer.

And no one goes sailing (or to the beach) without a bottle of rosé to keep cold. So the Insulated Sailing Wine Duffle is a must-have for summer trips to the Hamptons and Provincetown.

Another of the events, The Racetrack Tout spoke to another interest (or fanaticism) of mine -- the horse-bit. Starting with my Gucci loafers (now vintage themselves), the icon of the Italian house always catches my eye. This Vintage Gucci Horse-bit Tie will pair with a white oxford and jeans for warm weather parties, and the subletly of the bit will only be caught by the keenest eye.

Also on offer was a selection of horse lapel pins, which I almost snagged for myself, but decided to leave for one of you to enjoy.

Now there is a lot more to check out -- not just within Sporting Life, but on the Bureau's larger selection of products as well. So head over + see what treasures you can find!

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