Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hand Sewn Leather Slippers from Feit: Things I Want

The folks over at Feit are doing it right... hand made, small batch footwear and accessories. For a given project they measure a piece of leather (that they've carefully sourced for quality) and figure out how many shoes they can make from it. Once the number of pairs is pre-sold, they'll begin producing them.

I've been following (and drooling) over their craftmanship for a while now, but haven't quite committed to a pair. Yet. 

This week they released a hand-sewn slipper and I am obsessed -- with the soft rounded shape, the high last, the seam along the back connecting the leather to the welt and then to the sole. 

The design of this slipper reminds me of the kilim rug slippers I bought in Turkey last summer -- casual, inviting, and perfect for a warm day in linen pants or shorts.

As of this writing there are only 67 pairs left... so head on over and check them out!

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Kevin said...

Have you seen these shoes in NYC? What were the bottoms like?