Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spread Collar Shirts from Sid Mashburn: Things I Have

Last week I was briefly in Atlanta, en route to Florida beaches to ring in 2013. While in town, I had to make a stop by Sid Mashburn, the venerable men's shop with some of the best merchandising around. 

While there I decided to pick up a couple of spread collar shirts from Sid's private label. I loved the colors of this one -- they call it a cheery "childrens-book plaid". The flannel was thin enough that I can wear it with a tie, but still give some winter warmth. Small but thick buttons dress it up a bit, and the cut is slim enough so as not to billow under a jacket.

I also grabbed this great tattersall in wine and black -- a little more dressy than the flannel (and I felt a little more suited to Spring), but the colors stood out to me.
My last time in Atlanta I ordered a beautiful Made to Measure gingham suit from Sid, and picked up a few items for my mother at his wife's store -- Ann Mashburn. Since that visit the two stores have combined, they're now connected by a clever back hallway that allows you to move back and forth and keep you in a total Mashburn induced haze.

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