Thursday, September 27, 2012

Transition to Fall: A Style Guide

While items for Fall have been trickling into stores for a while now, it can be hard to visualize why you need that great new sweater when even the thought of going outside makes you sweat. 

But I felt it was time for a story on transitional dressing into the new season and how to create versatile looks. The key word is: versatility. With a few key pieces you can easily be comfortable in and out of work, and even continue wearing some of it once winter approaches. 

To that end I relied heavily on two retailers that have been focusing on growing their men's business: Club Monaco and J. Crew. Each are accessible and provide a mix of basics and more seasonal trend driven items.

Look #1: 

In colder months I love using texture to create a standout look. Here the heft of the tweed jacket contrasts against the formality of the slacks. Using a small-checked shirt provides  pattern-on-pattern with the striped wool tie. While the burgundy brogue may not be for everyone it is a rich color and stands out.

Jacket: Aubin & Wills (similar), Shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: J. Crew, Tie: Fahlgren, Shoes: Florsheim by Duckie Brown

For a more casual day I swapped out the blazer for a shawl collar sweater. I'm a big fan of a shawl collar as it provides a nice smooth visual line around the neck. In a cream color this one lightens up the whole look, and while the sweater keeps the whole outfit business ready it is also a comfortable alternative.

Shawl collar sweater: Club Monaco (similar)

Look #2:

Again using texture was important, as seen with the quilted vest and corduroy tie. I used a white oxford and ginger khaki as the base so there would be more neutral colors to contrast with the shock of yellow. I have always been drawn to a bright hue like this, and think it is perfect for the transition into Fall. It also serves as the fashion piece that helps pull together your basics. We kept the brogues as again that rich color provided a nice blend with the rest.

Quilted Vest: Club Monaco, Oxford Shirt: Uniqlo, Pants: Club Monaco, Tie: Unis (similar), Shoes: As above, Bag: Model's own

For the variation here I replaced the vest with a cotton shirt jacket. The navy darkens the whole look -- and while I personally haven't worn any camo, everyone else seems to be, and the collar is a nice surprise. To take him from the office to canvassing design showrooms, we switched out the footwear to a bold red sneaker. Still holds its own with the rest of the look!

Shirt Jacket: Unis, Shoes: Nike

Look #3:

Now I don't subscribe to "no white after Labor Day" and received some looks when wearing white jeans during fashion week. But I think when changing seasons it is perfectly acceptable. Paired with a gray heathered shirt for a soft and nubby feel, and with a military inspired khaki tie. I kept the shirt jacket which can stand in for a casual blazer, and those red sneakers just wouldn't quit.

Shirt Jacket: As above, Shirt: Club Monaco, Jeans: Uniqlo, Tie: Todd Snyder, Shoes: As Above, Bag: As Above

As seen here it didn't require a whole new closet to create a lot of different looks -- you can even pull from what you already have. Everything shown can be worn in any number of ways -- encouraging layering, mixing up colors, and making it your own! 

Photo Credit: Mikey Kay
Model: Jon Call


Wrinkled Linen said...

First two photos which accompany this post -- do you **REALLY** think his clothes look like they fit him?

Looks to me like he was visiting his little brother, spilled something on himself, and borrowed clothes which are clearly too small.

phillip said...

I didn't know high water britches were ever in style!!!!