Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fahlgren Tie: Things I Have

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by the GQ pop-up store done with Nordstrom... it was in the Treasure & Bond space and the team did a fantastic job of merchandising a wide selection of product, from some of my favorite designers. There was a lot of Todd Snyder, a great Michael Bastian double-breasted jacket, and a vintage watch case (which I wasn't expecting).

They also had stocked a number of Fahlgren ties, and Brett Fahlgren himself was in the shop that day, helping customers with products and dong some visual merchandising. So I thought it was a great chance to pick up one of the pieces from his line...

Of course my instinct was to grab something in navy, but I stopped myself and instead chose this red and gray striped tie. It still complements the abundance of navy I own, and is a nice staple to have.

Even though it is better suited to a little later in Fall (when the temp drops), I couldn't resist wearing it and so rocked it to the Michael Bastian show... I loved how the whole look came together + can't wait to give it another wear soon.

Check out Brett's site for more details on the rest of the line -- and you can buy one directly from Nordstrom here.

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