Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Snap Cardigan Sweatshirt from American Giant: Things I Have

Last week I had the chance to meet with the folks from American Giant, a San Francisco based label that is tapping into the resurgence of domestically made goods. Wholly produced in Northern California, they launched with an offering of sweatshirt styles, all in an effort to create the "next level of well made American sportswear", according to the company's founder.

The nexus of American Giant is delivering high quality basics that can be had for a fair price. Given the opportunity to touch and feel the crewneck, hoodie, and snap cardigan pieces I was really impressed with the quality of the material (14.8 oz cotton). There were also some fantastic design details such as ribbed side panels and twill elbow patches.

Having recently acquired my father's old Russell sweatshirt, the one I always remember him wearing as a child, it was great to see the American Giant crewneck evoked that true basic look and feel.

And I was thrilled to receive one of their snap cardigans in the mail -- complete with an American flag sticker to reinforce the Made in the USA message.

The snap cardigan is a fantastic piece, and I wore it all weekend long (and received a lot of compliments). With the ribbed side panels it fits me perfectly. With the thickness of it, I wore it just over a t-shirt and was plenty warm.

Right now you can only get the American Giant goods on their own site (it's another way they keep prices low). I definitely recommend you go check it out -- and stay tuned for more news to come on this brand.

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