Monday, April 23, 2012

Duffel from Black Fleece: Things I Have

I've been thinking lately about all of my upcoming summer travel, and that I don't really have a good bag to take on a weekend trip. Sure, I have a Tumi roller bag, and I have an extra-large duffel from Osklen (that could fit four bodies), but nothing I can just throw some things in and go.

Last weekend I visited the Brooks Brothers store in Georgetown and saw a fantastic bag from Black Fleece. It's their Macintosh Duffel in either khaki or navy (no decision there), with Thom Browne's traditional red, white, and blue stripe in leather on the side. 

I waited until I got back to NYC and then went to the Bleecker Street store on Saturday to pick it up!

It's the perfect size for a few days away, has a great lining, convenient side pocket, and comes with a shoulder strap. Here it is when I got it home...

And from the Brooks Brothers site, where you can better see how much it holds!

Head over + check it out, as well as the other great accessories Black Fleece is offering for Spring.

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