Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Michael Bastian Fall 2012: Just One Look

Michael Bastian has exploded, and at yesterday's Fall 2012 show it was everywhere you looked. From the amazingly elaborate set (there was snow), to the venue packed to capacity, to the sheer size and thoroughness of the collection.

There was incredible corduroy, some whimsical knits (the chess pawns were a favorite), and a variety of double-breasted pieces that had me drooling. Oh and the footwear -- I don't even know where to begin.

But until I can fully digest the whole thing, here's one look I have to have. High-buttoned DB jacket, embroidered corduroy pants, a fun bow, and the slippers that you're seeing everywhere, but which Bastian did in his own way.

GQ has the full collection, and I'll be back soon to share more of my favs and thoughts on what the Bastian man will be wearing come Fall.

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