Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shades of Grey Fall 2012: NYFW Review

Yesterday kicked off New York Fashion week for the Fall 2012 collections and first up for me was Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. This is a line that I've written about before, and that I own some pieces from... it's a line without a lot of gimmick but with some solid tailoring, and infusion of trend.

To that point, as I walked in I noticed takes on the varsity jacket, a lot of quilting, and great corduroy. In what appears to be a common theme for Fall, there were a number of striped pieces (Justin Berkowitz at Details referred to them 'blanket stripes').

Not to start with my favorite look, but well... I really got into this corduroy vest and jacket. Of course it's navy, which was a draw, but also liked that the jacket is a little cropped. The sweatpants are cool, and add an interesting contrast to the whole look; but the top half is just right for a day outing or a few meetings.

In what was a fairly staid palette (it is Fall after all), I liked the inclusion of these rust colored pants.

Always a fan of a marled crewneck, and this was no exception. The wool flannel blazer of it had an equally soft hue, which made it feel like a great Summer to early Fall transition piece.

Overall a well thought out and easy to wear collection. More photos to come, and an inclusion of some of the quilted pieces, which I thought were fantastic. Stay tuned for more NYFW news!

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