Friday, August 12, 2011

Wallet from Commes des Garcons: Things I Want

Back in March I bought a Commes des Garcons leather pouch, as my carry-all for flying. It holds my passport, iPod, breath mints.... everything I need in-flight!

Now of course, I want the wallet to match. My current CdG wallet (in tartan) has started to fall apart from overuse, and so I want to grab the fantastic brown embossed version!

Everytime I am in Opening Ceremony I check for it, but it is nowhere to be found. And even on their website it is on backorder. Boo!

So I will sit and wait. Patiently. Sort of.


balkis said...

I understand if you're a complete OC devotee (as I am), but Tobi has that wallet-- and in a bunch of colors to boot!


Sammy said...

Niceeeeeee!! I would like to have it too!! Commes des Garcons is one of my favourite brands!!

Check out my latest post, I would like to know your opinion! Thanks! =)
All the best, Sammy