Sunday, August 7, 2011

Timex Weekender Watch: Things I Have

For the past two years my go-to casual watch was a bright yellow Nixon. I loved it + got a lot of compliments... but it was starting to feel stale and I needed a change!

So the last time I wore the Nixon, someone complimented me on it and I gifted it to them. Which meant I needed a new watch! Timex has been doing some really fun stuff (starting with their inclusion at J Crew stores) and the price point is definitely right.

The Weekender was featured on Por Homme (a favorite site of mine) and I snatched one up.

When I went to the Timex site, they were offering 20% off... hurry up!

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Cameron said...

I pulled the trigger on this watch as well. Couldn't resist that price + discount combo