Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jacket from Billionaire Boys Club: Things I Want

Okay, so for all of my high-browed talk about couture and color and coordination I am admittedly a sucker for something garish and contrasting. One summer I only bought shirts that had a floral theme. Yes, seriously. Luckily Paul Smith was doing some fun stuff that season.

So in that vein, I am always attracted to pieces from Billionaire Boys Club (brainchild of Pharrell Williams). It started last year with their hunting pattern jacket that I could not stop thinking about. Never got it but wow that could have been amazing.

Well now I've seen this wool check double-breasted jacket they have released and I kind of love it. Granted it's not as eye catching as the hunting jacket, but the fairly subtle (and large) check, the embroidered horse, and of course the double breast which adds some flare to the whole thing.

I could see myself rockin' this with some worn jeans and brown boots.

I found this via Hypebeast (quelle surprise!): BBC Hunting Jacket... go check it out!

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