Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lanvin for H + M: Things I Want

As many of you know, this is not my first time drooling over an H + M collab... you may remember (perhaps as fondly as I do) the time I stood on Queens Road in Hong Kong to try and snag a piece from the CdG collection. And I was successful!

So now of course comes the collection done by Lanvin and I cannot wait! Today I finally saw photos of both the women's and men's pieces and they were, in a word, exquisite.

For me I really want one of the tuxedo jackets, a pair of the shiny blue shoes, and this amazing navy coat. Please retail gods... let me have it!

I love this coat because of the length, the simplicity of the design (at least what I can tell from the photo) and the gold buttons. Perfect for winter (when it does finally arrive).

Now, check out all of the photos here at NY Mag -- complete with prices so you can start saving. And begin to figure out how long you'll have to camp out in front of your local H + M to get some of this goodness.

Bon courage!

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