Monday, September 23, 2013

Orange Pullover Anorak from Filson: Things I Want

Over the weekend I was in Atlanta and had the pleasure of stopping by Sid Mashburn. The one, the only. While the trip was meant to shop for others and not myself (in which I was strangely successful), I did spot a fantastic piece of outerwear that I'd love as Fall approaches.

This pullover anorak from Filson, when styled with the blue gingham shirt (and in my case finished out with some wool pants and Gucci loafers), definitely came across as a more stylish piece of rain gear.

I loved how many pockets there were, and the adjustable cuffs would definitely come in handy for layering.

While I couldn't find this piece on the Sid Mashburn site, it's easy to find if you're in Atlanta and go into the store. Otherwise Filson's website stocks it in two colors (although I prefer the more unusual orange).

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