Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Calder Trunks from Onia: Things I Have

I recently did my annual swimsuit review for Summer 2013, and while it had some great entries, it was definitely not exhaustive. Shortly after posting it I came across these Pocket Swimmers from Owner Operator that I loved. I also had the chance to see Onia's release for summer, which included an amazing digitized paisley and a range of bright + vibrant solids.

To that end, the kind folks at Onia sent me a pair of their Calder trunk, so I could give it a try as I head out for Memorial Day weekend. It arrived with three different sizes of plastic sleeves, allowing me a way to transport it wet and to fold it down to almost playing card size for easy packing.

The Calder comes in a range of colors but I went for Azure... since I normally gravitate towards navy I felt this was a nice change and a little brighter for summer.

I also chose the 5" short, although it also comes in a 7.5" and 10", if you like it a little longer.

Check out the rest of their offerings here, and I'll keep you posted with pics of me wearing these in over the summer!

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