Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimsuit from Vilebrequin: Things I Have

A few weeks ago I posted a swimsuit review -- showing some of the styles I was looking at for summer. 

It was admittedly not an exhaustive list... and so when folks representing French beachwear company Vilebrequin suggested I check out their wares I was definitely open to it. I'd been gifted a Vilebrequin suit a few years ago and lost it, so a replacement sounded like a good idea!

Last week I stopped by their store on West Broadway for what a fantastic personal shopping experience... I tried on quite a few different pattern and color combinations in two different styles. 

In the end the Moorea cut had a great mid-calf length, and I really loved the Whirlwind print... a nice blend of colors that stands out but isn't too much.

Can't wait to wear this on one of my upcoming beach adventures... check it out here for more info!

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