Friday, May 18, 2012

Gingham Suit from Sid Mashburn: Things I (Almost) Have

I'd written earlier this week about my incredible visit to Sid Mashburn, during last weekend's trip to Atlanta. While I wanted to check out the store for myself, my friend Ankur also wanted to get some new suits, so we were on a mission... 

The store was crowded when we arrived but all of a sudden someone comes from the back and asks if we need help, and it was Sid himself. The next three hours were the most inspiring a menswear nerd like myself could ever have.

Sid brought swatch book after swatch book, until we settled on the three fabrics Ankur wanted. He did the fittings himself and was so incredibly helpful. 

During the whole process I had come across a gingham swatch that I fell in love with. Something about it caught my eye + I knew I'd end up with it... 

I told Sid I wanted a full suit in the gingham -- and off we went! Did the fitting, made adjustments to the pockets, the pant cuff (I went a bit higher than most), and the buttons (I wanted a navy horn versus the standard black).

Now have a 4-6 week wait for the suit to arrive, and I cannot wait. I also cannot thank Sid and his team enough for their patience, insight, and overall awesomeness. I'm definitely a fan.

And I'll definitely be sharing pics when I wear it out for the first time!

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