Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pushing Boundaries at Patrik Ervell: NYFW Review

On Sunday at Milk Studios, Patrik Ervell faced a packed house... eagerly anticipating not only his Spring '12 men's collection but also his first foray into women's.

Across the board there was an influence of Hawaiian print, riding caps, fantastic duffel bags and totes, and (thankfully) an appearance by Clement Chabernaud.

While I can report that the women's range definitely fell squarely (and beautifully) into Ervell's aesthetic, what of course really kept me engaged were the men's looks.

One of my favorites was this rubberized cotton hooded raincoat in navy. The texture and sheen really stood out, and I liked the simplicity of the construction.

Ervell always does great suit. Here I liked the dark palette but with that pop of color on the tote bag (which of course I want).

This brick-red blazer in tropical wool caught my eye near the end of the show, and is definitely a piece that's on my list for Spring. 2-button, thin lapel, it's one I know will fit me perfectly.

And finally this jungle jacket in twill, with a hand-braided horsehair belt. I mean... how could you not get excited for this?

Ervell is a master at playing within his key design elements but really pushing the boundaries in texture and technique, and he did it again here. A stellar showing and I can't wait to shop this at Opening Ceremony come Spring!

Go to for the rest of the collection photos...

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