Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working Bag from Lotuff & Clegg: Things I Want

I'll admit that I have a problem with bags... I have rarely seen one I didn't have to have. Usually the problem is that I have some need to fill and none of my current bags will do. This is exactly why I am now salivating for this black working bag from Lotuff & Clegg.

I will be transitioning to city living in a couple of weeks (yes, sorry, LA is not considered 'city living'), and I need something to hold everything I'll need during the day.

Handmade in New England, the Lotuff & Clegg bags and briefcases are simple yet elegant, and are guaranteed for life. At this point it's really just a matter of deciding on the exact size and color (red sounds kind of fun, no?)...

Visit their site for the full collection and great information about the guys behind the brand.

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