Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Osklen Shoes: Things I Want

Ever since my first trip to Brazil, I've been a fan of Osklen. They have a really casual surfer vibe (not surprisingly, as the brand was formed in Rio) and to me their stores always smell like the ocean.

They also have some really unique techniques in making their wares... I'm a big fan of their fish skin shoes, something that you won't see anywhere else and they are using local Brazilian products (I have a rockin' pair of high tops).

Well I'm in Sao Paulo again right now and yesterday I spent a good amount of time trying on things at Osklen. Found some great t-shirts, a pair of really nice linen shorts, and a PVC tote bag that is perfect for the beach. But of course the one thing I wanted the most, I could not have. These shoes below...

I loved the mid-high top, the elastic on the side to just pull them on, and the worn canvas feel to them. But the bunched up fabric on the top (Osklen calls it "wrinkled") is what I found to be the coolest design feature. I tried on a size 44 but they were, as expected, too big.

The quest continues (maybe I'll get to another Osklen store before I leave Brazil). But you can check them out here on the website:

Bom dia!

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