Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sandals from South Willard: Things I Want

Just the other day I was walking past South Willard (yes, it's in my neighborhood) and made a mental note that I needed to pop in. I think it's a great store, small but carrying a well edited selection of labels.

Today I was perusing their website (after seeing a link to it from Valet Mag), and came across their selection of summer sandals. Leather sandals made just for South Willard. And I think they are awesome!

It was tough to select my favs, but I think these brown ones win. While I like simplicity in sandals, the additional straps really make the design. And at just over $100 they are a great deal for handmade, leather sandals.

But they do have other styles and colors, so go to their website and check them out: Now!

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