Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things I Have: T-Shirt by Bandi Panda

Well, I am on a work project to find cool artists in Shanghai... so today I went to the satellite location of Shanghart, one of the largest galleries in the city.

While I was there I saw a few t-shirts on display by a Beijing artist -- Bandi Panda. He does apparel and t-shirts on his runway shows. The t-shirts were very tongue-in-cheek and a bit political, but I thought they were super fun!

I bought two -- the one seen here, which on the back says "Web Celebrity" and one that has a woman plastered with designer labels and on the back says "Fashion Victim". I'll give one to the person at work who tasked me with scouring the galleries of Shanghai (so RD if you're reading this, you can choose which of the two designs you want).

If you're equally intrigued, you can check out the other designs at: http://arty.cn/arty/books/work.htm?id=8605

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