Tuesday, June 19, 2012

E. Tautz Spring 2013 Collection: Things I Love

Back from vacation and catching up on the recaps from last week's Men's Fashion Week in London... and there were quite a few standouts. But my consistent favorite was E. Tautz, presented by designer Patrick Grant.

I am used to see detailed tailoring from this line and so was initially surprised by the flow of pieces, as well as the bold use of color. But I definitely enjoyed both and really feel like it's a great direction for Spring '13. 

This colorful look with the loose sleeves is perfect for summer

Also seeing the easy flow in these fuschia colored pants -- and complemented with a semi-sheer navy sweater.

I'm always up for yellow and navy, so the combination is a sure win! A slimmer fit on these pants but really love the pop they give.

Can't say the shirt dress is for me -- but I do appreciate how it works in with the flow and ease of the other pieces.

This being E. Tautz there was of course some great suiting, and a generally well rounded line. Check out the rest of the collection at The Fashionisto.

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