Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Travel: Perfect Weekend Bags

Yesterday I received a question about finding a weekend duffel bag, for under $200. Challenge accepted!

There are a few out there that I've had my eye on -- rough and rugged, made in the U.S., and at a great value.

First is the Filson Small Duffel. Water repellent, inside pockets, and leather handles and pulls this is a well made bag. I have the Filson tote and love it. Price: $225

Another great choice is the Sutton duffel from Herschel. Denim colored fabric lined with red paisley, this bag is a basic and can be used for almost anything. Price: $79.99
For something a little more rugged, the large Tough Duffel from L.L. Bean is incredible. It's made from waterproof tarp and built to keep moisture out. Price: $149
If you don't need something quite so robust for a weekend away, the Port Canvas Yachtsman Duffel is a good way to go. Considered a 5 day bag for winter trips, you can take it skiing, or can hold even more during the summer months. You can customize the bag with additional interior or exterior pockets. (via Well Spent)

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