Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gant Rugger V-Neck: Things I Want

Over the weekend I did a little browsing on Bleecker (or as a friend put it, "market research"). And of course I stopped in to the Gant Rugger store. I wanted to see if they had the blue wool pants from Fall '11 that Barney's was out of. Well, the Bleecker store hadn't received Fall yet, only pre-Fall (but the new Prince Street Rugger store apparently has Fall).

And that's where we come to the great sweater I want... part of pre-Fall, I loved the red and blue stripes around the neck and the wrists. I also really liked the waffle knit that keeps the piece light and wearable.

Named "It's All Cricket" this is a great late Summer/early Fall add to my wardrobe.

Get to the Gant site and you can buy it now (and you can also see a nice shout-out for Michael Bastian's recent CFDA win!).

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