Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chair from Canada: Things I Have

Falling into more of 'design' than 'fashion', here is a new chair I bought for my bedroom.

I walked passed the store OK over the weekend and saw the chairs displayed outside, in a bevy of colors. Gray, blue, green, and of course my favorite... yellow! I couldn't resist! I stopped by the store three times that day (luckily it is around the corner from my house) to look at the chair and then finally had to buy one.

Knowing me, it wasn't much of a decision on which color to get. I loved the brightnesss of the yellow and knew immediately it would sit in the corner of my bedroom (as pictured below).

The salesman told me it is made in Canada and that the design has been produced since the 50's. The plastic seat just fits onto the ring-shaped frame, and then you are set to sit.

Now, yellow was my first color choice but I may go back and get more of these chairs. Then the quandry will become, what color is next...

In the meantime, check out OK's website for more home and gift inspiration:

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