Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I Want: Lilly Pulitzer Swimsuit

Well folks, summer is coming! The weather is getting warmer and I have a trip to Hawaii scheduled next month. Time for a new swimsuit...

As you've probably read from me before, I have a fascination with Lilly Pulitzer. I have been searching for a vintage men's coat on eBay. Let's just say the search continues.

But the prints, the colors, the Palm Beach lifestyle. I want it all!

So naturally in my search for some new swimmies, I ventured over to their site. And look at these beauts I found:

I love the way sealife is incorporated into the design while still keeping it very bright and vibrant. And you sure won't get lost on the beach!

Go to the Lilly Pulitzer site and check out the rest of their swim collection (plus some great coats, pants, and ties):,4,shop,mens,mensswim

Surf's up!

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