Friday, November 14, 2008

Things I Have: Comme des Garcons for H&M

I did it!  I really did it!  Stood in line at H&M, on Queens Road in Hong Kong, and I nabbed some pieces from the Comme des Garcons collection!  This cardigan & also the scent.  

It was mayhem in the store with people running and pushing and camera crews everywhere to capture the madness.

I snagged a suit as well, loved it, but it was just a bit too big... and in the back of my mind I could hear Dina the tailor saying "why did you buy this, it does not fit you!".

Well I am happy with what I got!

You can view the whole collection at:

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Cyclingteacherguy said...

FA doesn't remember getting a phone call about that purchase. Matt, please remember to forward all requests through my classroom aide, she'll forward them on to me. I miss you brother.